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Donna Roberts Leave a comment. What does Mars in the 8th house mean? You are intuitive people in search of the deeper meaning of life.

Ruling Zodiac Sign : Scorpio. Your feelings are strong and intense with Mars in the 8 th house as this is ruled by the Scorpio zodiac sign. You often struggle internally with the deep questions of life and its hidden meanings. You are constantly looking for these answers while finding little or no relief.

Your instincts, however, are usually spot on toward other people. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it.

There are many layers to your psyche and emotions. But only those closest to you will get to see even a small portion of that.

The effect of Mars in the eighth house in astrology is dark and mysterious. You put forth the most energy reading other people while keeping your desires under lock and key.

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The Mars in 8th house astrology shows that you can read other people like a book, and your instincts are unrivaled. No one can hide anything from you. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! This is what drives you the most — learning the truth about others and any situation. This means you may not allow yourself to experience love until you are somewhat older, but that also means it is more magical to you. And in that case, you are also more insatiable in the bedroom.

This is where you let your true colors shine, and you allow your partner to see into the depths of you. This offers the most spiritual feeling for Mars in the 8 th house, for you can truly be yourself without fear of rejection.

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The Mars in 8th house meaning shows that you tend to get attached to people. Because of this, you have trouble letting someone go or allowing your partner to be independent. You can become quite possessive of your loved oneswhich can cause problems if they feel you are starting to smother them. Test Now!!! This is where your intensity become a hindrance, and you have to learn to dial it back a bit.

Your desire overcomes your practical nature, and you have trouble seeing the big picture. You are extremely focused on the minute details of your life and the lives of those around you. Then you have difficulty allowing them to be, without you constantly being there with them. It simply means they have other interests besides you. And this is a good thing, for it allows you to pursue your interest in learning how the world works.

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Direct your passion in the right ways, and you will lead a fully satisfying life. When you feel someone has wronged you, they are placed on your grudge list. And no one can hold a grudge as you can. The slightest infraction feels like a complete betrayal to you, and nothing can be said to change your mind.

They have to earn your trust to learn how precious it is and how easy it is to lose it.Whatever house in which Venus appears, that house will be graced with an element of harmony and cooperation. The desire to connect with others can be thwarted by a fear of being hurt and taken advantage of. This placement can foster a struggle to keep emotions under control especially with regard to love and relationships.

The 8th house in astrology is that of transformation and spiritual death and rebirth. Negative emotions and feelings of resentment may also accumulate here and serve as emotional baggage that can lead to destructive behavior. Here is where growth and new beginnings especially of a spiritual nature may be catalyzed.

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Reinvention and physical communion are also associated with the 8th house. All things must come to an end but for every end awaits a new beginning. The cycle of change and regeneration is an intrinsic aspect of life that we experience in many forms both in the literal and symbolic. Joint ownership and things of a communal nature fall under the purview of the eighth house. Leases, debts, inheritances, borrowed objects, taxes, alimony and insurance are just some of things that are of relevance.

Additionally, financial and spiritual support from others are addressed. New opportunities that open doors but come attached with obligations or debt to others. Everything comes at a cost and sooner or later what is owed must eventually be payed. To get what is desired, something must be given or sacrificed.

This exchange represents the cost for spiritual evolution and the price of wisdom and power. On the other hand, not paying what is due can result in what we value being taken from us. As long as we remain under the auspices of lords and debtors, we must learn to manage obligations to them. Faced with obstacles and tribulations, there is the opportunity for triumph and victory through struggle and sometimes violence and destruction.

mars in 8th house woman

In the wake that destruction, reconstruction and reformation can occur. You seek intense devotion from your romantic partners and have little interest in lukewarm or casual hookups. You are attracted to people who are unusual and have some interesting layers to their personality.

Superficiality and traditional types of people are boring to you. Your fear of being betrayed or heartbroken, makes it difficult to trust fully. Whoever you do admit into your heart, you may become possessive over. There may be struggles with jealousy and a tendency to overreact to perceived threats to their happiness. You offer to people, tranquil stories of love, and easy going adventures devoid of passion and emotionality.

Your disposition is well-suited to deal with crises, thrills, wounds, and healings. It is likely that, whether conscious or subconsciously, you create some drama in your relations with others. Love grows on contrasts, transformations, and self-questionings. Your ideal? To die out of love! Your libido is powerful and demanding. Once you commit to someone, you give yourself wholeheartedly and desire much the same in return.

Physical expressions of love and passion have a restorative influence for your spirit. You seek that which is left-of-center and are attracted to things that are not mainstream or commonplace.On this page, interpretations of the placement of Mars in the twelve houses of the natal birth chart.

Find out how you can get your astrology chart positions free with our simple steps. Or, calculate your birth chart and receive a free report, including the position of your Mars by sign and house, as well as other planets here: Free Astrology Reports. Mars in the first house of your chart is a commanding position and is even more so if Mars is also conjunct the Ascendant.

Your reactions to new situations are immediate and pressing. You are an active, energetic, dynamic, enterprising, and possibly even forceful or aggressive person at times unless Mars is in strong aspect to Saturn or Neptune. You often begin new endeavors with enthusiasm, although follow-through may not be present, depending on the rest of your chart. Some of you might be rash, inconsiderate, or overly assertive. People are often impressed with your energy and stamina!

You need to be involved, take the lead, and act independently. You can be fiercely independent, and you are usually direct and straightforward—and this is wonderfully refreshing! Spontaneity is extremely important to you.

Your approach to life is physical and active, and your love of competition is notable. You are likely to be a hard worker, although you appreciate the process and might be slower than some as you focus on the method and tend to each step deliberately and carefully.

You love to produce things of practical value. You are ambitious when it comes to making money and acquiring possessions, but you might be impatient or impulsive when it comes to spending.

You can be quite possessive, both of material things and of people. You like a physical challenge, and your physical abilities and energy make up a strong part of your sense of self-worth. You like to work independently, or you value things most when you have achieved something on your own.

The world of the five senses is most important to you on sensual and sexual levels. You have a hearty appetite with strong stamina.Natal Mars in the 8th house is one of the most potent placements for the fiery planet.

Mars in the Houses of the Natal Chart – Astrology

Mars is the co-ruler or old ruler of Scorpio, before planet Pluto was discovered, and still holds a lot of power over the 8th house matters. Being in domicile, it will boost sexuality; nevertheless, the aggressive nature of the planet can also create problems in life areas ruled by the eighth house. Mars usually brings a violent death, which happens rather suddenly. This placement could bring a death by a sharp object, a bullet, an accident or war.

In case that the planet has good aspects from other celestial bodies, it would bring at least one near-death experience. The chart owner will get transformed; usually in a very positive way.

After that experience, his gates to the other realms will permanently be more open than previously, and it may even grant psychic powers.

The individual with Mars in the 8th house will have an interest in the occult; nevertheless, the aggressive nature of the planet will probably make him be too hasty; he will try things early without being ready enough.

Mars in 8th House: How It Impacts One’s Life and Personality

If Mars is adversely aspected, there exists a danger of supernatural attacks or experiments that will go wrong. Mars positioned in the house of sex will bring fiery traits to his intimate relations and of the strongest thirst for experiences in bed. Sex is for them a very important channel for recharging and letting go all cumulated negativity. They will prefer it violent and will have an aggressive attitude over it. If Mars is adversely aspected with Pluto or with Saturnthe native can become a victim of abuse, usually of a sexual nature.

If Mars is well-aspected, it indicates an active breaking of taboos both for the native and his partners. The native may fight over an inheritance or have problems dividing a property or financial gains with other people.

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Issues can also arise in his marital life, as Mars in the 8th house indicates a marriage partner that will have financial losses. This can raise tensions inside the marriage partnership concerning joint finances. In addition, this natal aspect can be a bad indication for any type of loans through an institution. The native with Mars in the 8th house can be of a very jealous nature, easily becoming obsessive about things.

When he needs to possess something and sets such a goal, he may dedicate himself totally to it and even use dubious means to get it. This applies not only to money and material things but also to people by whom the native wants to feel as being owned. With an adversely aspected Mars, the native can become so jealous that he may even exercise violence towards the desired person that betrayed him.

If Mars is afflicted by Mercurythese two planets combine in making the individual a successful thief. The 8th house also rules money from the banks or the government, and with such an aspect the native might indulge in putting his hand inside the jar.

Be careful, because if you grab a lot, then the hand might get stuck inside.

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All these Martian traits described here should be tamed so that they do not backfire. This mostly applies to people who see squares, oppositions, and difficult conjunctions to their natal Mars, of course.

The rest can relax, they have probably already learned how to control the eruptive character of the red planet. Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator. Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart.

You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope. Do not forget to like our Facebook Page and join our Astrology Community Facebook Groupwhere you can take part in conversations and vote about next articles to be written!

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Alone Time Versus Isolation. Social Feed. You often find yourself involved in relationships that are deep and highly sexual. You live life in black and white terms and see issues as good or bad.

You can restrict yourself of things easily or overindulge in them. You are intuitive, insightful and have a strong imagination. You need time alone to think and process your complex emotional nature.Email address:.

Mars in 8 th House people are energetic, lustful and enthusiastic to know as many things as possible, to understand how people work and to know their secrets. These individuals need someone who wants to share everything with them, as cooperation is essential for their happiness. However, if they want to get close to perfection, they need to tone down their passion.

mars in 8th house woman

Natives having Mars in the 8 th House possess an ego that either consciously or unconsciously forces them to always transform themselves.

They can be greatly influenced by others to become completely different people. A little bit of compromise and more communication regarding what they possess can help them have better relationships. Their main problem is always money, so having a partner or spouse who can help them from a financial point of view would be their dream come true. Their greatest asset is the way they decide on things in the spur of a moment and how they rely on their instincts, because these always seem to guide them in the right direction.

Mars in 8th House

Very attracted to the occult and the spiritual world, they will explore all kind of mysteries and paranormal activities. As a matter of fact, one of their main purpose in life is to find the power within themselves and to live at their full potential.

People with Mars in the 8 th House have this planet position where the ruler of sharing resources is. This means they would be interested in seeing how things work and easily deal with new ideas. Only money can bring them down and interfere with their relationships because they tend to keep their earnings private and separate from their spouse.

Being very intense about what they want and like, Mars in eighth House natives are also very possessive. Life may cause them to not have love or enough money just to teach them a lesson on not holding on so tightly. They can immediately spot a liar and have a way of making up for the karma of their past lives by sharing a lot of what they have with those who really need it. Mars positioned in their 8 th House means they have a lot of traits from the Scorpio.

They will probably experiment with true passion only after their thirties, but you can be sure everything will be magical as soon as they will. Terrified of getting cheated on or being betrayed, they would never trust someone from the first encounter. This placement of Mars is about the House of sex hosting a planet of action.

This means the natives of it will not hesitate to make a move when sexually attracted. When it comes to the bedroom, they have incredible energy, the only exception being Mars in Gemini in the 8 th House, according to the famous expert in astrology Bob Marks. In this situation, the natives would be more passive as far as lovemaking goes. They would rather talk than feel the pleasure of sex and satisfy their lover. Since the eighth House also rules over money, people having Mars in it are impulsive when spending and can end up broke after visiting the mall.

Very passionate and intense, these people have a strong emotional side and think of death more often than others. They are the type who will be bold and strong at an old age, when death will stare in their eyes.

However, they can also feel sometimes that fate is cruel with them.

mars in 8th house woman

The 8 th House being all about drama, tantrums and crises, they are very tormented by the thought that their loved ones want to betray them. The same House rules over intimacy and what people carry with them in their consciousness regarding love.

The courtship with Mars in 8 th House people has a dark side and their marriages may have many problems like domestic violence, sexual abuse and obsessions. When Mars is in the 8 th House, individuals with this placement may live a dangerous life and even risk their life very often.

Their main challenge in life is limiting themselves and becoming less vengeful, manipulative or eager to obtain power.All planets and Houses affect us in some way or the other, but some planets and Houses have an extra impact on us. However, what is extra and different from other Houses, is a big query. These Houses give more positive and negative results than any other Houses in a Horoscope. Hereby, we research on single women and what affects them from the Eighth House of Horoscope.

These planets activate the world by desires and therefore their role is very important in a female's horoscope. In Indian society, the prosperity and happiness of a woman depend on the Saubhagg or well-being of her husband. Saubhagg in a woman's Horoscope is looked at from the Eighth House, which with benefic planets in it and aspected by benefics, indicates happiness. Individual assessment is done by the polite behavior, wise thinking, and unblemished character. This is seen by a well-aspected and well-connected Eighth House.

The malefic influence on the Eighth House shows dependence and miseries, which may be destructive for a woman. An uncontrolled luxurious life, lack of self-discipline, keeping secrets or indulging in unethical income is also affiliated with the Eighth House and the planets placed in it.

You can also know more about what your planets will keep in store for you during this Sade Sati period, with the help of our Saturn Transit Report According to various researches, female horoscopes show favorable conditions of marriage if the Eighth House is afflicted.

The Eighth House signifies the auspiciousness of the horoscope. Customs, traditions, modesty, and dignity are depicted by the Eighth House. You can know more about your charts and the placement of the planets with the help of our Janampatri.

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Eighth from Lagna:- Happiness, longevity, good or bad health, wealth, relationship with family and fate or luck is seen by this House. Eighth from Moon:- Afflicted 8th House 8th Lord presents tension and stress, conflicts and psychological activities associated with marriage. The desire for solitude is also seen from this House. If you do face many problems related to your marriage, then buy our Remedial Solutions for Marriage Report!

Eighth from Venus:- If 8th Lord from Venus is in degree conjunction with Venus, there are chances of remaining single. A woman will develop emotional indifference towards marriage and will want to lead a pious life of celibacy and asceticism. Malefic influence on Venus may contribute to venereal diseases, dishonor, and disgrace. If you want to know more about the malefic planets in your birth chart, then refer to our Report On Remedial Issues.

If with afflicted 8th House there is an association with the 11th House 11th Lord, the lady will be career-oriented and will not marry to fulfill her ambitions.

They become very ambitious and do not get satisfied even after great achievements, and to earn more money they neglect all the customs and traditions established by society. To get an ancestral property, they remain unmarried too. They even practice unethical means and modesty without hesitation to earn good money as they are attracted to various means of secret earnings.

Some remain single due to poverty. If the 7th Lord is combust, debilitated or afflicted, there is no chance of marriage due to poverty. According to a Janampatri, if Lagna Lord, 8th Lord, and 7th Lord are on the same degree or conjoined together, the lady will suffer from some disease or disorder.

If the Sun and the Moon are aspected by Saturn and either of the two is the 8th Lord, she will remain single for being physically or mentally challenged. In today's era, women's attitude towards life has become more carefree; they believe in enjoying life to the hilt. Their mindset has shifted from being a traditional homely woman to a self-reliant individual. They prefer to look beautiful, have an independent career and enjoy life without any responsibilities of marriage. They don't mind sacrificing their modesty and chastity to earn more money.

Luxuries and lavish lifestyles have become the way of their life and they like to remain single; away from the grueling pressures of the family. Vaisakhi or Baisakhi as popularly known gets its name from the first month of Vaisakh.